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Dazzling is a stunning BFL wool yarn with a beautiful silk sheen. It will make gorgeous summer shawls and scarves.

DAZZLING - 2 ply lace yarn 55% British BFL 45% Silk.
800 metres /874 Yards per 100gms (1 skein).
Suggested needle size 1.5mm 2.5mm
Our photos are taken outside in natural light, as this reveals the glow factor of the dyed colours so when you see them in artificial light they may be slightly different.
Our yarns are washed twice however occasionally the yarn may still contain harmless dye residues. This may rub off on your hands and can easily be washed off using soap and warm water.

Washing instructions:
Do not use vinegar to try and set the colour as it is used as a colour modifier in natural dying and may alter the colour of your yarn.
Do not use any other biological washing powders or colour modifiers as this also may also have an effect on the colour.
Hand wash your garment in warm water (if its too hot for your hands its too hot for your yarn) with a simple dish washing detergent.