One Planet Yarn and Fiber
A Unique Global Marketplace

Welcome to One Planet Yarn and Fiber, a unique global marketplace. We search the world for quality yarns, fibers and related products. One of our goals is to represent small independent artisans and companies from every corner of the globe. We have luxurious cashmere yarns from Asia, gorgeous and colorful hand painted yarns and related items from artisans in South America, Chile and Argentina, the USA, England, India, Asia, Canada, Australia and many other locations. We also have unique, hip and fun accessories, spinning items, patterns and design ideas for you.

We have our own design team developing an entire pattern portfolio for our own two lines of yarn Black Pearl Yarns and Lanas Puras Yarns. One Planet Yarn and Fiber is an independent company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you live in the state of Arizona and purchase from us, you will be charged sales tax.

We are also environmentally conscious! Our packing materials are made from 75% recycled materials and we recycle all of our suppliers boxes and shipping materials.

We hope to do our small part for world peace by bringing together the most unique and luxurious yarn and fiber we can find worldwide, supporting independent businesses and donating a portion of our profits to a world peace and Indigenous community organizations. Our love of yarn and fiber, knitting and spinning, brings us together regardless of our individual backgrounds or culture.

About us personally:

One Planet Yarn and Fiber was opened in December of 2006 by sisters, Lis and Jodi. It has been a great success for them since the day they opened the website. They succeeded in supporting smaller independent fiber companies and designers.

Because I have similar interests and 30 years of business experience, Lis and Jodi felt I
was a good match to take over the helm from them. I have owned this business since August 2010.

My husband and I have been self-employed since the day we were married. In our first business, we were Bureau of Indian Affairs licensed Reservation traders. We traveled 5 states and did four trade shows a year. We worked directly with Native American artists and crafts people.

Our next business we worked directly with artists and crafts people in the custom knife business. We bought and sold handmade pocket knives from artists around the globe. We attended 12 shows a year to purchase product.

The business after this we owned a retail fine jewelry store. Again we worked directly with artists and crafts people to create product for the store.

For the last six years my husband and I have run our own fine pen store. The store is called Scottsdale Pen & Knife. We are the only store of its kind in the Phoenix metro area. Again, we work with artists and crafts people, as well as manufacturers to supply the store. The store is doing great.

My husband has always asked me as we are getting ready to start new businesses what I would like to do. Since I always worked with him I told him that I would know when the right thing was when it happened.

Since I was a child, I watched my grandfather, who was a professional tailor, and my grandmother, who spent ALL her time knitting and crocheting. It seems I inherited their passion. I started crocheting and knitting as a small child. I learned to sew in middle school. I learned to needlepoint in high school.

I continued these things until my time was taken up with other things. Recently, because of my 18 year old daughter, I started to knit again. Then I decided to learn to weave and bought a rigid heddle loom and learned to use it. I posted what I was doing on Ravelry while I was weaving a beaded shawl and was asked to teach that to the rigid heddle group there. Pictures and all appear there. Then I decided to learn to spin.

Now I am in trouble. I had a wonderful teacher. She taught us to spin from the ground up. No kidding. I started with dirty fleece off the sheep. I learned to wash it, tease it, hand card it and spin it. So now I wanted to learn how to dye it. Natural dye class, very messy. I learned to use acid dyes. Lots of fun.

So then I had 2 fleeces and several pounds of sheep and alpaca that still need cleaning, dye pots and lots of yarn. I owned three farm shares and helped support and Alpaca rescue in Southern Arizona.

In come Lis and Jodi. They see that I really love this art form, have the experience to run and grow a business, and a husband who loves to see that I have such a great passion for the subject.

So now I have 5 Shetland sheep. They live at a friend's in Texas!

We hope you enjoy visiting our shop!

The website is open 24/7. If you need phone support, hours are from 10:00am to 6:00pm Arizona Time.

For any questions, please call us during those hours at 480-250-0188.

One Planet Yarn and Fiber
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