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Welcome to Natural Dye Studio Yarns

This company exclusively uses historical plant dyes which produce an astounding spectrum of beautiful subtle colour.
Their aim is to produce desirable luxury yarns in as ethical and enviromentally friendly way as possible.
They dye using the plants rather than the extracts as its much more fun!

Their exclusive Dazzle British Blue Faced Leicester is licensed by the British Wool Marketing Board to carry the
prestigious British Wool mark. All Their exotic yarns come from a family run mill in Peru.
They also specialize in exclusive crochet designs, all made with their yarns which will be added to the site shortly.
Dazzle HT Fingering Minis Natural Dye Studio Patterns
DAZZLE HT is a luxurious British Blue Faced Leicester 4 Ply/Sock/Fingering wool.
I make pretty things exclusively using The Natural Dye Studio’s luxury yarns.